About us

Malieta Honey [ma-LEE-tah] and the ‘Malieta Apiary’ is based in the Redlands City, Queensland, Australia. It is run by Lionel Scicluna.

Lionel started beekeeping as a form of therapy for issues with chronic vestibular migraine.  Lionel believes the bees help him so much, that he is now beekeeping full time.

Malieta Honey specialises in local, raw honey from honey bees. If you live in the Redlands, chances are there are one or two Malieta honey hives near you – from Victoria Point to Thorneside and in between.  Check out our Facebook page for more information.

Our honey is cold-extracted (no super heating or ultra filtering) and gravity strained to ensure purity. Raw honey still has the goodies in it that are meant to be there – bee-pollen, traces of propolis and beeswax particles.

Malieta Honey believes in local bees, local flora and local honey.