Allergy and Asthma Advice

If you suspect you or somebody near you is experiencing a severe allergic/anaphylactic reaction, please call for emergency medical care straight away. In Australia, the number to call is 000. Alternatively, you can call 112 from a mobile phone in most countries, including Australia.

Before you buy from Malieta Honey, you need to be aware of the following if you suffer from allergies or asthma:

Allergy advice

Although rare, consuming raw honey may trigger allergic/anaphylactic reactions in some individuals. If you, or someone you offer this product to, has a known sensitivity or allergy to honey, propolis, beeswax or bee-pollen, please consult a medical practitioner before trying raw honey.

Asthma advice

There is a very small chance that tiny traces of Royal Jelly may be found in raw honey. If you have had problems with Royal Jelly in the past or are a serious asthma sufferer, please consult a health professional before consuming raw honey.

Bee Sting Allergy (for beekeepers)

Malieta Honey sells European Honey bees that sting.

Generally, there are three types of reactions to a bee sting.  The first two are considered to be no real cause for alarm (unless stung around the face or neck). The third is a very serious reaction requiring immediate medical attention.

  1. Normal Reaction (local):  The sting will hurt! Redness and some swelling will occur around the site of the sting (commonly only the size of a twenty cent piece). Itching will often follow.
  2. Large Local Reaction:  This is where the swelling, soreness and redness extends beyond the site of the sting – often up the affected limb. Eg.  Getting stung on the hand sees swelling up to the elbow.
  3. ALLERGY (URGENT) – This is where you may be stung on the foot, but the reaction occurs systemically with symptoms such as  difficulty breathing, hives, wheezing or difficulty swallowing, rapid pulse, dizziness and a sharp drop in blood pressure. These symptoms onset rapidly, so due haste in seeking medical attention is required.