‘Aloe View Home and Gardens’ is where some Malieta Honey hives are hosted.  Catherine and her family enjoy the company of the hives, and the bees certainly appreciate the beautiful setting and safety and security of their property.  Although Malieta Honey solely operates European Honey Bees, we know that the Native Australian Bee varieties are just as intriguing and valuable.
Aloe View has built some fantastic native bee hive boxes and have them for sale at an attractive price and with options available. See below for an overview and make sure you check out and like their facebook page to keep in touch!

Enjoy the Autumn air!


Native Bee Hive Boxes for Sale

These hives (bees not included) are made to the OATH (Original Australia Trigona Hive) design, by Aloe View Home and Gardens. The larger honey OATH has an extra compartment on top, a honey “super”, which allows you to remove honey with minimal disruption to the nest. Honey OATHs are suitable for splitting or log transfer.

We can supply hives painted with a good quality exterior paint, varnished or left unpainted so that you can apply your own colour, design or varnish to protect the hive from the weather.
– Double storey unpainted: $105
– Double storey painted or varnished: $125
– Triple storey unpainted: $125 Triple storey painted or varnished: $155

Local pick up is from Sheldon, Qld or free delivery within the Redlands area. Please contact Catherine at all1nson@hotmail.com or via Facebook at Facebook.com/aloeview