When the garden meets the kitchen, food becomes your medicine.

I have learnt about the therapeutic effects of nature somewhat indirectly – I started keeping bees as something to keep me occupied whilst on convalescence leave after radiation treatment, but when I started noticing the therapeutic effects of being around bees I realised that the bees are taking care of me as much I think I’m taking care of them.

Angela Stafford and her family host Malieta Honey hives, and I always find common values in our conversations when speaking of health, vitality and the things we should have in our gardens and our tummies!

During the Winter months, I was down and out with a heavy cold. Angela kindly offered a mixture of dried herbs that she’d has mixed for me as ‘Immune Tea’.  It contained 9 or 10 herbs that smelled absolutely invigorating and by the time I had steeped the tea, I drank nearly a litre of it on the first day!  Now when I’m feeling a bit low, a cup or two of that tea and I’m feelin’ alright!  On top of that, Angela has also made me balms to heal my many bee-stings, given instructions for charcoal poultices to help people who have bad reaction to bee stings (some students!) and not mention tasty snacks here and there while I’m visiting the bees!

I explored Angela’s Website and found that wonderful immune teas are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to her passionate work of practicing being healthy in the kitchen and the garden.  Angela has two very impressive books available for purchase as well as a popular Youtube channel with great videos of her and her family working together to share the wonderful benefits of a wholefood lifestyle.


Fairytale Food Safari, A Wholefood Family Cookbook


To all those parents out there who want to avoid family health problems like increasing allergies, frequent flu, colds and other ailments that come with a poor immune system, create your way to health and happiness in the kitchen… Don’t wait until your child is sick, upset, throwing constant tantrums and not focusing in school. The answer is here and it is simple!”

Angela’s passion for health and life is very contagious, and her dedication to her wonderful work is simply awesome.


Stay safe in the storms,

Lionel and the Very Pesky Bees.