Broadsheet Magazine hosted Brown Brothers on a series of roaming wine tasting events around the country (some are still to take place at the writing of this blog post).  As part of celebrating the release of all five varietals of the Patricia range (the finest of Brown Brothers) in one year, from each state five of the finest family producers were selected to be matched with each of the wines.

Malieta Honey was selected, and was matched with the Chardonnay.  How flattering!  Of course, I was a bit anxious on how effectively Malieta Honey could be made to complement a Chardonnay.  Luckily, Gavin from Tumbling Stone Restaurant (at the venue, the Johson Hotel in Spring Hill, Brisbane) took charge on my behalf, and the baked goat’s cheese canapé he prepared using Malieta Honey as a glaze blew me away.

The guests at the event seem to agree, as we had a line at the Chardonnay/Malieta Honey station almost all night, and the canapés lasted no more than half an hour!  We were positioned on the balcony of the penthouse, overlooking uninterrupted views of the city and the bay.  It was raining when I arrived to set up, but half an hour before the guests arrived the rain stopped altogether.

As part of the display for Malieta Honey, I had some premium jars of seasonal honey on display, as well as beeswax creams, soaps and a frame of virgin honey comb. I wasn’t just standing there though.  I brought along with me a three frame hand-driven honey extractor and uncapping set up, and spent the entire evening discussing the bees and the honey with the guests while uncapping and extracting frames of honey that I had harvested that very afternoon.

The highlight, however, was definitely my Queen Malieta and her entourage. In a single frame inspection hive, I had my favourite queen bee and about 2000 of her daughters on display.  It was such a wonderful sight when I saw each person’s face light up with amazement when they realised they were live bees.  And to top it off, Queen Malieta even starting laying eggs in front of the crowd!

After all the chatter, and cutting pieces of virgin honey comb for the wine-tasters to enjoy with their glasses full of chardonnay, I managed to extract about 20kg of honey – which every one was very keen to try as soon as it poured out of the extractor.  What a delight!

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed talking to everyone present about the Malieta Honey bees. It reminded me that my passion is truly working with the bees themselves – and I often said to each guest that quality honey production is simply a sign of a happy and healthy colony.

I write this after a big week of rain last week, and with the caramel scent of Paperbark tea tree honey emanating from the hives.  Finally, Autumn might truly be here!

Keep an eye out in the webshop for upcoming product updates, including a few more beeswax products and a few variations to the Malieta raw Honey range.

Check out the photos, and have a great week!

Lionel & the pesky bees (including Queen Malieta herself)