Malieta honey puts bees first.  But Lionel doesn’t do it all alone.

An extraordinary mentor

While Lionel was building up his apiaries in 2014 and 2015, he took no more than a teaspoon of honey from each hive.  Instead, it all went back into the bees either to create new colonies or to ensure they were well fed during the Winter months or dry periods.  Lionel was taught by his mentor, Allan, that a strong, healthy colony is a stress free colony.  Lionel’s production honey hives are all Langstroth honey hives and are run as triples (3 boxes high) all year round.  This is only possible because of the best practice he was taught by Allan and Allan’s reflections on his over 50 years experience in beekeeping.  This practice involves daily tasks to yearly planning.

Supportive Hosts

Lionel hives are all located on private residences in the Redlands area.  They are in backyards of properties (Malieta Honey Hosts) who love having them around and appreciate what the bees add to our world.  They are placed on secure stands, well spaced and are in areas where they can work and live without excessive exposure to heat, traffic or extreme weather conditions.

Grateful and Loyal Clients

Malieta Honey is very fortunate to have such wonderful clients.  Whether they are enjoying the benefits of raw honey or attending the beekeeping workshops run throughout the year, Malieta Honey clients are enabling Malieta Honey to grow and continue to provide the community of the Redlands with the benefits of honey bees.

By visiting our site we hope you join the Malieta Honey Community in keeping our honey raw, our fruit and vegetables pollinated and the enjoyment of honey bees alive.