You all know that my I love honey bees for many reasons – one of those is the healing qualities of their royal jelly, propolis and of course – honey!

One of my biggest challenges over the past couple of years has been trying to get my honey out to customers who will enjoy it in its raw form.  It’s a challenge because I need lots and lots of people who love raw honey to ensure it sells before the next batch comes in.  Bulk sales usually result in the honey being pasteurised and filtered.

Mary, from Good Mood Food, has shared a great recipe this week that makes an excellent use of raw honey for therapeutic purposes, and most importantly by only warming the ingredients (not heating) the healing properties are still intact.


If you have a recipe that uses raw honey – for flavour or therapy, then please contact me so I can feature it!

Watch out for those storms!

Lionel and the Pesky Bees.