Sore throat? Runny or stuffed nose? Sinus pain? All of the above?

A lot of us (especially me) love to get into a nice hot lemon and honey drink when we’re feeling down – especially around Brisbane Ekka time when colds and flu are rampant!

I like my drinks quite strong:

  • 300ml mug
  • Juice of a whole lemon (yummmmy!)
  • large tablespoon of Malieta honey (candied or liquid)
  • fill the rest with water

Water?  But how hot should the water be?  NOT BOILING!

The biggest mistake people make when putting together that beautiful lemon drink is boiling the kettle and pouring water that’s between 90-100 degrees celsius into their mug.  I think the habit comes from boiling the kettle to make tea – which is required as tea needs that boiling water to steep properly.  People make the same mistake with coffee – but that topic is for a different webpage.

Well, if you use super hot water – the raw Malieta Honey you just used isn’t raw any more.  The natural healing qualities within raw honey have just been destroyed twice over.  Even super-heated honey in a supermarket isn’t put through temperatures like that (usually).

There’s arguments out there about heat and Vitamin C (in the lemon juice). Put simply, Vitamin C isn’t necessarily destroyed instantly by the heat, but it certainly speeds up its destruction.

Put simply, plan to drink your therapeutic drink straight away – make it hot enough to be comforting, but not so hot you have to blow steam off it before you take a sip.

Oh, and if you’re super crazy like me and want to wake up completely over your cold – try eating raw garlic submerged in a heap of raw honey.  It’ll knock the cold on the head pretty quick – and keep people (and vampires) from bothering you for a couple days!

And, of course, if this you, I hope you feel better soon!