The Wynnum-Manly Co-op

The Wynnum-Manly Co-op is a small family based co-op run in the Brisbane Bayside suburb of Wynnum.  James and Caroline work very hard to provide families with the opportunity to buy organic flour, nuts, dried fruits, grain, natural skincare, laundry products, fresh local produce and many more organic and natural products….including Malieta Honey.

Why Join a Co-Op ?

The power of a co-op is in its members – buying as a co-op helps get fresh produce and other products direct from suppliers as the orders are placed in bulk lots – which attract bulk pricing.  This means you pay less for a superior product.

James and Caroline are very supportive of Malieta Honey and have had a huge impact on enabling Malieta Honey to standby its motto of “Local and Raw”. With their fortnightly and monthly buys, the co-op allows members to get products fresh and direct.  They are very active, committed, have great communication and you couldn’t find a friendlier couple!

A little history

In August 2015, James and Caroline were sitting on the couch.  It was about 10pm when the determination hit.  “Let’s do it!”  They started with the mission of connecting and creating a conscious community.
“We want a future where we know exactly where our food and products come from. We want to know our farmers, know our bee person, know our local artisan that made our jam, know our cheesemaker…. Get our drift?  SHOP LOCAL”

Malieta Honey has enjoyed watching the growth of the co-op – each order gets bigger and bigger and it is a pleasure to watch the wonderful community grow.

Future Plans

James and Caroline have a vision is to open a community space in our neighbourhood in the next 12 months… watch this space!

Get in Touch!

The Wynnum-Manly Co-op has a private facebook group – (currently over 800 members)

They also have a website with direct online ordering-