Learn beekeeping with Lionel and Allan

Malieta Honey presents Beekeeping Workshops by “TEK” – there are three different levels available.  Scroll down for more information about the training we offer.

Beginners – Level 1

This one day workshop is ideal for people that have heard or seen information and are interested in learning more about beekeeping to see if it is for them.  Learn about the required legal, safety and financial obligations as well as the many, many benefits of owning honey bee hives.  The day includes displays, presentations and plenty of time for questions and answers.

Intermediate – Level 2

This five-day (Saturdays only) workshop covers a complete season in beekeeping, by exploring the “The Basics of Beekeeping” and “Maximising Honey Production through Knowledge”.  This workshop is suitable for beginners who have a basic understanding of the information covered in level 1.  At present, over 225 students have participated in this workshop, some travelling each week from over 300km away to participate.

Advanced – Level 3 – Queen Bee Rearing and Managing Multiple Apiaries

This two-day (Saturdays only) workshop is for intermediate to advanced beekeepers who want the ability to rear their own queens for use all year round. Learn the theory and practice behind ensuring the queens you rear produce excellent results – and gain training in how to manage multiple ‘bee yards’ or ‘sites’ through detailed discussions on apiary management.
At the completion of the workshop, each student receives a complete series of original videos on the “TEK” Method of Queen Bee Rearing.

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