Security and passwords

Here at Malieta Honey we take your online security seriously. We don’t want your details to fall into the wrong hands! That’s why we’ve put a bunch of security measures in place:

Every page on our website is encrypted

If you look in the address bar of your web browser, you will notice there is a padlock (quite possibly green) next to the website address. This is the same no matter which page you’re at on our website. What this means is, all pages on our website – whether the front page or the checkout page – are served securely, over an encrypted https connection.

To verify our encryption certificate, you can click on the “Comodo secure” badge in the sidebar of this page. Or, you can click on the (quite possibly green) padlock in the address bar above.

You must use a strong password to register

The first time you purchase something from us, you’ll need to register a customer account. This is very straightforward, and basically just involves providing a username and password that you’d like to use. But passwords can be tricky little things. If you do like 16% of people on the interwebs and use 123456 as your password (or something similarly easy to guess, such as basically any word out of a dictionary), you’re very likely to run into cybercrims that will be more than happy to help you part with your hard-earned cash.

We don’t want that to happen to you. So, when you register with us – or when you go to change your password – we force you to use a secure password. The way we do this is by giving your password a score based on how long and creative your password is. If your password doesn’t meet the minimum score (don’t get us started on how low 123456 or qwerty would score) you won’t be able to use that password.

Learn how to make a strong password

Making a secure password that is easy may seem both tricky and annoying, but trust us… It’s a small effort that will keep trouble at bay later. Here’s a few tips to get you started:

  • Aim for 10-12 characters Use a combination of UPPER and lower case letters, num3er5, and $pecial ch@racter$
  • Don’t use passwords that can be found in a dictionary (any dictionary in any language!)
  • Avoid more than two consecutive repeat characters
  • Use a passphrase to make your password easy to remember.
    • For example: One bear climbed the tree looking for honey and was stung by a bee = 1bCttLfh@wSb@b
    • Notice how ‘one’ becomes ‘1’, verbs are upper-case, ‘a’ becomes ‘@’ and hey-presto, you got yourself a hard to crack, easy to remember password

If you have trouble remembering your passwords, consider using a password manager. We use LastPass, which is great, and free!

We run frequent security scans

Just like home computers should have anti-virus software running, so should websites. We have security software running frequent scans of our website to make sure cybercrims don’t put anything on our website that shouldn’t be there – like spyware or malware.

We don’t have (and don’t want) access to your credit card details

Just like most shops don’t keep money on premises overnight to avoid break-ins, we don’t keep your credit card details on our server. Read more about how we keep your payment details safe at the secure payments page.