Bulk Raw Premium Honey – 24 kg Lot – B.Y.O Bucket


Bulk raw honey, filled fresh from the settling tank. Poured directly into your bucket.

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Go through a lot of honey? Supply a food grade bucket and have it filled.

The honey you buy is cold-extracted (no super heating or ultra filtering).  It is gravity strained to ensure purity.

Raw Honey still has the goodies in it that are meant to be in it – bee-pollen, traces of propolis and beeswax particles. Because of this, once you start on Malieta Honey, it’ll be hard to stop!

Please note that there is no option to courier this product.  Local Pick-up options are available, or contact us to discuss other options.

Additional information

Weight25 kg
Allergy advice

If you, or someone you offer this product to, has a known sensivity or allergy to honey, propolis, beeswax or bee-pollen, please consult a medical practitioner before trying raw honey.

Asthma sufferers

There is a very small chance that tiny traces of Royal Jelly may be found in raw honey. If you have had problems with Royal Jelly in the past or are a serious asthma sufferer, please consult a health professional before consuming raw honey.


This honey comes in labelled bucket that align with the Australian and New Zealand food safety and labelling requirements.


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