4 Frame High Density Nucleus Hive (HD NUCE) – Check Back Summer 2017/2018

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A four frame “Nucleus Hive” or “starter colony”, including Queen Bee, worker bees, brood and honey over 4 full depth frames.  How most beekeepers start to build up their hives.  Perfect for 4 frame, 5 frame or 8 frame (including FLOW HIVE).
Malieta Honey only sells nucleus hives that are of ‘High Density’ giving the buyer the best chance of getting their bees to thrive!

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Pick Up Only – Address Provided closer to pick up date.  Location will be in the Greater Capalaba Area.


Why is High Density better?

When you are supplied with a high density of bees and brood, your hive will ‘power on’ much quicker than a standard nucleus hive.  A HD Nuce is ideal for beginners who want more confidence in their hive being stronger to start with, or anyone who wants more colonies that are ready to GO!

Through Beekeeping Workshops by “TEK”, we see many students have trouble with (or even lose) their hives in the early stages. The biggest cause of this is that they have TOO FEW BEES in TOO BIG OF A SPACE.  If you buy a high density hive, they will be asking for more space sooner than a standard hive, allowing a much greater chance of growth (even in adverse conditions).

The Details:

  • Gentle Italian/Carniolan Honey Bee Hybrid Stock
  • Quality Assured Reared Young Queen with records
  • Queen marked and wing clipped
  • Tested and visible Laying Viability (brood pattern)
  • 4 Full Depth Frames
    • One near full frame of honey
    • Two frames of solid brood (mostly sealed)
    • One clean sticky or foundation (pending availability)
    • Near 4 full frames worth of bees
  • Almost ready for to add another four frames (depending on conditions at your site)
  • 4 frame TEK Brood Rearing Mat© included for all sales in Autumn & early Spring


Standard Nucleus Hive – Generally

High Density Nucleus Hive

o   Half frame of honeyo   Near full frame of honey
o   1 frame of brood (approx. 3000 bees to hatch in next 14 days)o   2 frames of near solid brood (up to 8000 bees to hatch in next 14 days)
o   Two empty frames (stickies or foundation)o   One straight sticky or brand new foundation
o   Queen self-reared from unknown stocko   Queen reared by beekeeper to ensure quality stock and health
o   Queen not marked or clipped (or for an extra fee)o   Queen marking and clipping standard
o   Supply 4 frames of foundation to trade-in to sellero   No trade-in frames required
o   2 frames of beeso   Near full four frames of bees
o   Approximate information about queen and mating stocko   Information ready for records as desired including Queen Mother, mating site and date first laying
o   Moderate chance of survival in adverse conditions (nectar/pollen dearth)o   High chance of survival in adverse conditions (nectar/pollen dearth)


What you need to provide:

The buyer must:

  • Supply their own: [see attached image for example]
    • lid [with adequate ventilation for transport in season – SURVIVE THE DRIVE!]
    • Base
    • Super [4 or 5 frame, or larger with a divider board]
    • entrance block
    • strap
    • beekeeping registration brand
    • Your own pest management system (specifically Small Hive Beetle)
    •  Reassurance that you have some basic knowledge in keeping bees or are willing to attain such knowledge through training or a mentor. See “Learn Beekeeping” for more information.

Additional information

Strain of bees

Hybrid Italian/Carniolan


By accepting the hive transfer into buyer's equipment, the buyer is agreeing that they are satisfied that the quality and quantity of the nucleus hive meets their expectations.

Once the hive is loaded into the buyer's vehicle, full responsibility for the well-being of the colony is transferred from Malieta Honey to the buyer.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeff Coleman

    Lionel has a passion for bees that is highly contagious.
    I’m grateful for the helping start that he gave to us.
    The bees that we now have are calm and peaceful.

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