Professional Hive Service (90 mins) – Your bees, your place -fully customisable service.


Need help with your hive or just want to learn on your own hives?  The Malieta Honey Professional Hive service is for you.

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Need help with your hive?  The Malieta Honey Professional Hive Service is designed to help you get your hive back on track.

Have Lionel (Owner-Operator of Malieta Honey and Co-Instructor in Beekeeping Workshops by TEK) visit you and your bees.  There’s a lot to beekeeping, and often the beekeeper can sense when something isn’t quite right with their hive – but they may not have the experience behind them to be able to pin point the problem and then solve it.

This is where a hive service comes in.  You can accompany Lionel with the hive service – and treat the service like a tutorial.  Or, if you choose, Lionel can work your bees independently and make recommendations based on what he finds.

The Hive Service Overview – Langstroth hives and Flow Hives

  1. Fully Equipped.  Lionel comes fully equipped with all the required equipment to inspect your hive.  He also has a ute with a hive loader fixed, so no hive is too heavy to work efficiently.
  2.  Equipment and Hive recommendations – have questions about where you hive is sited?  Worried that your bees are too hot or too cold?  Lionel will have a close look at your equipment and discuss the options available.
  3. Honey Super Service – A standard hive service involves rearranging the honey super/s to best suit the bees. Maybe they need more space?  Maybe they need less?
  4. Brood Service – Lionel’s Specialty.  This is where a lot of beekeepers run out of confidence.  The Brood of a hive is where the action is, and all problems with a hive start from here.  Lionel can find and mark your queen, rearrange your brood, rotate fresh frames through your brood and do a thorough disease check.  In our suburban environment, beekeepers should be checking their brood for disease at the latest every 8 weeks.
  5. Forward Planning – now that your bees are back under control – what should you do next?
  6. Troubleshooting – any other questions you have about a certain something?  Well, the final stage is where you have floor – ask away!

Pricing Structure 

  • $100 for the first 90 mins (time starts when leaving the Malieta Honey workshop in Capalaba, Qld, 4157)
  • $55 for every hour after (invoiced after the completion of the required service)
  • If your hive/s are suspected or found to be infected with  American Foulbrood Disease, an additional sterilisation fee of $55 will apply as all equipment used for the service will require full sterilisation (possibly through Gamma Irradiation)
  • All hive service purchases are part of booking system.  If you feel your matter is urgent, please enquire for an estimated service date before purchasing this product. Malieta Honey will endeavour to meet your booking as soon as possible (usually within 7 days), however during peak periods this may be up to 14 or more days.

Any hive components required for the service (such as new frames) is the responsibility of the hive owner, unless they have been purchased separately prior to the service.

A typical single Hive Service (incl. tutorial) @ Cleveland

9.00 am – Lionel leaves workshop at Capalaba

9.15 am – Arrive on site, meet and greet, view the bees on site, owner shares records and history of hive

9.30am – Honey supers off, brood super examined and remedied as required (including queen examination)

10.00am – Frames rotated into brood, honey supers re-organised and replaced. Discussion and Q and A follows. Forward planning.

10.30am – Conclusion

The above is just one example and a general guide of how a Professional Hive Service may look.

Q. How Much time should I book?
A. If you wish to accompany Lionel (recommended 100%!) and treat the hive service as a tutorial on your own hive, then allow approximately one hour for the first hive, and 30 mins for each hive afterwards (we will get quicker once we’re in the swing of things!).

Q. I need new frames and foundation – can I buy it from you?

A.  While Malieta Honey doesn’t sell equipment as such, there’s no harm in checking to see if Lionel has some hive components available for sale to use during the service.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to enquire through the ‘Contact Us’ section on this website!
Once you have purchased this product, Lionel will be in contact via email to complete the booking.

Additional information

Allergy Advice

Honey Bees sting. It's very hard to avoid it.

If you own hives and feel you have an allergy to bee stings, please discuss this with Lionel before booking a hive service.

Please consult a General Practitioner for more information.

Suitable for:

Any beekeeper who requires help with their honey bee colonies or wishes to learn more about their bees on their own hives.


TBA with Lionel, usually within 7-14 days of product purchase.


The best time for hive services is usually between 10am and 2pm.


Malieta Honey is based in Capalaba, so please calculate travel time before booking this service.

What you need to have:

Your hive needs to be reasonably accessible. If the ute isn't able to be driven up to the hive, there needs to be a clear path to the hive by foot.

The grass should be mown around the hives and be free of other obstructions.

You are responsible for your own protective equipment, smoker and hive tools.

What's Provided

– See description in previous tab


Things change, but the more notice you give if you need to cancel your booking, the better.

7 or more days prior: 50 % refund (or Full Credit for Next Available Appointment)

Less than 3 days Prior: No Refund (Full Credit for Next Available appointment)

Any credit given will expire in 30 days from the date of purchase of this product.

Liability Waiver

By purchasing an hive service by Malieta Honey you agree to take full responsibility for your personal well being and that of your property.
You agree to disclose any information that may be of importance prior to the hive service (such as an unusually aggressive hive) to Malieta Honey.


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