Level 2 – February and March 2018 – Beekeeping workshop by “TEK” – 5 consecutive Saturdays


This five-day (Saturdays only) workshop is a very popular workshop and is usually booked out months in advance. It covers a complete season in beekeeping, by exploring the “The Basics of Beekeeping” and “Maximise Honey Production through Knowledge.”

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Level 2 of 3 – A complete season in beekeeping: “The Basics of Beekeeping” and “Maximise Honey Production Through Knowledge”


This five-day (Saturdays only) workshop is a very popular workshop and is usually booked out months in advance. It covers a complete season in beekeeping, by exploring the “The Basics of Beekeeping” and “Maximise Honey Production through Knowledge.”

This are no other workshops of this calibre in South East Qld.  Enjoy five Saturdays learning how Lionel (Bachelor of Education and Cert. IV in Training and Assessment) and Allan (over 55 Years in beekeeping, Certificate II in Rural Operations 2005) from “The TEK School of Beekeeping” manage their apiaries over a complete season.

This workshop is suitable for beginners who have a basic understanding of the information covered in level 1.  At present, over 225 students have participated in this workshop, some travelling each week from over 300km away to participate.

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Additional information


An old saying is: – If you have 10 beekeepers in discussion you will get 20 answers.
This is about the 21ST answer.
Knowledge is power in Beekeeping. It can allow the beekeeper to produce high honey production if the beekeeper wishes instead of little return.

We intend to start at the beginning of beekeeping and proceed forward. Workshop is suitable for any person interested in learning how to keep honey bees.

The workshop to run Practical and Theory components: – 5 days of about 6 hours – full on.

All components [workshop days] will require 5 – 6 hours for instruction, discussion, questions and answers

The workshop is limited to a maximum number of 14 enrolments with 2 Instructors.

We will cover a lot of information that you may not find in beekeeping books generally. We will be working outside the beekeeping circle.

If members, you may obtain and read books generally from Your Club’s library.

You will be required to have Complete Protective Gear and take notes as there will not be notes supplied on all that is discussed.

A Folder will be issued on Day 1 of the Workshop. Students must complete a minimum of three days of the workshop to retain issued folder.


Orientation/Registrations 8.45am SHARP each workshop day.

9am until 3pm. Morning Tea and Lunch Break (BYO lunch)

Day 1

SATURDAY February 10th – Classroom Day

Pre-Test for all students
Protective Gear – Types, also supply of folder with Course information.
Identifying different types of bee hive parts with samples:-
Hive Tools, Smokers
Bottom Boards, Supers, Frames
Lids and “Straps”
Beetle Traps
Record sheets

Smokers and Fuels
Making frames, fitting foundation

Day 2

SATURDAY February 17th
*The Complete Cycle – Building Up Bees for Honey Production
*Evaluating your Colony and your Queen by Jennifer Byrne (Courtesy of the A.B.K.)
*Honey Production – The Complete Cycle

*Working the Hives: Protective gear required
*Equipment Explained–Brush, Water bucket, Bur Comb Bucket and Lid, Queen Cage, Queen marking pen, Smoker, Smoker fuel, Hive tool, Scissors, G.P.Thinners.
*Record sheets
*Flight Path of bees, Position of Beehives
*Lighting the Smoker
*Correct use of the hive tool
*Lifting of supers
*Excluder use
*Brood Frame carriers
*Working the Brood Super
*Working the Honey Super/ 3 high
*Removing Honey frames
*Re-queening, Queen types, Swarming

Day 3

SATURDAY – February 24th
**Theory and Discussion Only**
*Honey extraction/Pests
* Uncapping honey frames
* Placement in Extractor
* Importance of placement of stickies in super after extraction
* Storage of stickies
* Pests and Diseases
We will not be actually uncapping or extracting honey.

* Preparing for the Flow
* Brood Lifts, (check – Min 5 / Max. 8 days)
* Splitting Hives
* Beetle Traps / Disease
* Brood Lifts – if not considered up to optimum bee numbers

Day 4

SATURDAY March 3rd, – Classroom Morning

On Site Discussion, Q & A Session
• Pests and Diseases, Beetle Traps
• Brood Lifts, Swarms, Queen Cells
• Pro’s and con’s for transferring a Nuce into a 10 frame honey hive
• Storage of Stickies / Irradiation of Supers
• Queen Placement – marking and clipping
• Stimulating / Feeding of Bees
• White Tail Spiders
• Post-test to be completed,

• Brood Lifts
• Identifying Eggs
• Practice Queen Marking (on Drones)
• Cutting out old brood frames

Day 5

SATURDAY March 10th

Practical – Recognising Plants and Flora

* Recognising Plants and Flora – Address TBA
* Bring Folder, Writing Pen and Camera – for taking your own photographs of different Flora
* (Over 40 different species)

Required- Camera for photographing specimens
Video Camera may also be useful as trying to commit 40 different species to memory in three hours is near impossible!


Victoria Point, QLD 4165

Exact Address is emailed to every enrolled student 14 days prior to Day 1.

Suitable for:

Any one aged 18 years or older and has had some introduction to the requirements of keeping bees. This workshop is very hands on and intensive, so students should either have some bee hives already or have the view to obtain some.

Items Required

1. Pen (that writes) , clipboard folder for writing on, camera and lots of questions!
2. Full Protective Gear (whole body) – All gear must be perfectly clean (esp. gloves if being used) required on DAY ONE.
3. Hat, Sunglasses, water, snacks and lunch

What's Provided

– Amenities
– Hot water, Tea and Coffee
– Workshop Folder Issued on Day One – Full Notes set (over 70 colour pages in a folder) – to retain this folder, you must attend a minimum of three of the five workshop days.
– Hands on training
– All equipment required to work beehives OTHER THAN personal protective gear, notepad, CLIP BOARD FOLDER and pen (that works!)


Things change, but the more notice you give if you need to cancel your booking, the better.

More than 42 Days Prior to Day 1: Full Refund

15- 41 days prior to Day 1: 50 % refund

14 days or less prior to Day 1: No Refund Issued

NO REFUND or part refunds available for missing one or more days of a multi-day workshop.

Any student wishing to cancel their position must do so in writing to malietahoney@gmail.com as soon as possible, using the subject line "Cancellation of Enrolment"

Allergy Advice

Honey Bees sting. It's very hard to avoid it.

Any person with a KNOWN and SERIOUS allergy to bee stings, honey, propolis or pollen does not meet the minimum requirements to attend this workshop.

Please consult a General Practitioner for more information.

Liability Waiver

By purchasing an enrolment into any 'Beekeeping Workshop by "TEK", the enrolled student automatically indemnifies ALL INSTRUCTORS and THE APIARY SITES LAND OWNERS from any and all types of injury, loss or damage to property whilst attending the Beekeeping Workshops including travelling to and from.

Students must be aware that bee stings affect all people differently and that the symptoms can change between stings. It is inherent that every enrollee declares, to their best knowledge that they are not allergic to bee stings or honey bee products.


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